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ADEA Creates a New Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff Advisory Committee

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As a result of the Black Lives Matter and anti-racism movements sweeping the country, ADEA senior leaders have committed themselves to developing and fostering a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive environment for ADEA staff. To accomplish this goal, Karen West, D.M.D., M.P.H., ADEA President and CEO, along with the members of the ADEA Board of Directors, have approved the creation of the ADEA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff Advisory Committee. Angelo Lee, M.Ed., ADEA Senior Director of Access, Diversity and Inclusion and Audra Franks Johnson, M.T.A., CMP, CAE, ADEA Senior Director for Meetings, Conferences and Educational Technology, will serve as the inaugural co-chairs of this essential committee. 

As part of the 2019-22 ADEA Strategic Directions, ADEA aims to develop and sustain an inclusive environment in which its staff works together in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. The mission of this new staff advisory committee is to foster a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone at ADEA is treated equitably, respectfully, ethically and with dignity. ADEA remains committed to creating a humanistic environment not only for its 18,000 members, but for its staff as well. The ADEA team looks forward to the innovative initiatives and programming that this committee will initiate on topics related to social justice, bias, intersectionality and the multiple dimensions of diversity. The ADEA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff Advisory Committee will convene its first meeting in October and will meet monthly in support of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives among ADEA staff. 

For more information about the ADEA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff Advisory Committee, please contact Angelo Lee, leea@adea.org and Audra Franks Johnson johnsona@adea.org.

Published on October 14, 2020

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