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Not Getting ADEA Connect Emails? Follow These Simple Instructions to Ensure You Receive Important Information and Updates From Colleagues

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Don’t miss out on important conversations happening on ADEA Connect! Many of our members have noticed that messages from ADEA Connect fail to reach their inbox or are found in spam/junk folders. This could be due to Higher Logic—our ADEA Connect online community platform provider—not being recognized by members’ email providers. To improve the deliverability of emails from ADEA Connect, you must approve the email domain of @ConnectedCommunity.org or ask your IT department to add @ConnectedCommunity.org to your allowable email lists. The AllowList Instructions document will help reduce the chance of ADEA Connect email going to spam. If you continue to have issues receiving messages, email CommunityManager@adea.org.

Published on October 14, 2020

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